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Karaoke Party

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What’s your favorite song to sing? What’s the song you’re going to sing to your bride on your wedding day after the Berlin stag weekend? Can you even sing? Well, no matter what your answers to those questions are, a Karaoke Party on your stag do in Berlin can definitely help with the wedding jitters!

There is no such thing as a Karaoke Party that nobody enjoyed and your Berlin stag do is going to be all sorts of fun with this included in your list of stag activities! You don’t need to be professionally trained signers to enjoy a Karaoke Party with your best mates on your much awaited stag do in Berlin! In fact, the worse off you are, the funnier the Karaoke Party gets! If you’re not brave enough to take the mic or can’t stand your friends’ off key singing, we’ve got a tip for you. 

On your Karaoke Party, play a few drinking games before you get started with the singing. That way, you and the lads are drunk enough to have the courage to sing despite your tone deafness! With a bit, or a lot, of alcohol, your Karaoke Party is destined to be a sure success!

Aside from all the fun there is in singing your hearts out, the Karaoke Party is one of the few stag activities that can be enjoyed with the bride tribe! Try inviting them to the Karaoke Party and have a Berlin stag do that’s twice as fun!


Entry to the Karaoke Club

Entry to the Karaoke Club

Room rental 2 hours


2 hours


There is a minimum consumption of €20 per person for drinks on site


£ 35 per person

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