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AK-47 Shooting

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There is no such thing as an epic Berlin stag do that doesn’t have an AK-47 Shooting experience booked for the weekend. Don’t make the stupid mistake of not booking the most epic of stag do activities for your trip to Berlin or else we are one hundred percent sure that you and the lads are going to regret it for the rest of your lives!

We’re sure that you have all seen it on popular Berlin stag do review blogs and websites, there is nothing that stags and lads have enjoyed doing more than going to the firing range for the ultimate AK-47 Shooting experience! so, there is literally no reason for you and the lads to think twice and waste any more time because as you may know, Berlin is one of the most popular stag do capitals in the world and getting a booking for an epic AK-47 Shooting experience may not be that easy! 

But lucky you because you’ve got us on your side! Allow us to book all of your Berlin stag do ideas and we’ll make sure that you get more than your money’s worth and a weekend filled with memories you will never forget! Fire away on the best shooting range in Berlin for the stag do when you choose to book your AK-47 Shooting experience with us!

Don’t worry about being issued old guns that have seen better days because we work with the best stag do suppliers in Berlin and we guarantee your total satisfaction! Get an English-speaking instructor, 25 rounds each, and an experience of a lifetime when you add the AK-47 Shooting experience to your Berlin stag do today!


English Speaking Instructor

Safety instruction and equipment

25 Rounds

10 shots AK47 caliber 7.62x39mm

10 shots CSA vz. 58 caliber 7.62x39mm

5 shots SKS 45 caliber 7.62x39mm


3 hours


Everyone has to bring valid ID


£ 192 per person

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