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BBQ Boat

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With all the stag do ideas online and ones you hear about from friends, it can be overwhelming picking the right ones out. Luckily for you, we’re the best stag do planners in Berlin and we have just the thing to make your Berlin stag weekend everything you’ve always wanted it to be. 

One of the most important factors in hosting a successful stag do in Berlin or anywhere in the world, is having the kind of stag activities that will let you have quality time together. The BBQ Boat is exactly what you need! The uniquely shaped boat is designed to keep interaction levels high. The best thing about the BBQ Boat is that right in the middle of everything is a grill! And now you know why it’s called the BBQ Boat!

Trust us, spending time on a BBQ Boat will be one of the best stag do ideas you will ever book! Don’t think that spending time without alcohol or outside of a shooting range is a waste of time. In fact, when you are able to have quality bonding time to kick the Berlin stag do off with, you’re going to have a better time!

It’s hard having a grand time when you’re not familiar with everyone that’s been invited and that can’t be avoided. Your stag made friends along the way and all of a sudden you have to be chummy with them on the Berlin stag weekend! It’s not easy!


4 hours exclusive BBQ boat rental




Food & drink included

Marinated beef steaks or marinated chicken/chicken parts or mixed

Grilled baguettes, Paper plates, Paper Cups

Grilled cheese, Pasta and potato salad, Vegetable basket

Grilled sausages

Cutlery, Bread, Ketchup & mustard, Softs, Water


4 hours


During the rental process, a deposit of €250.00 must be paid in cash in advance
Included food may vary


£ 84 per person

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