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Doughnut Drinks Boat (not available)

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One of the best things you can do set your much awaited Amsterdam stag do up for success is to book bonding stag activities like spending the day in a Doughnut Drinks Boat. That sounds silly, what is it?

Well, the Doughnut Drinks Boat is a circularly shaped boat that is designed to make having a good time easier! Compared to longer boats, the Doughnut Drinks Boat lets you sit in a more intimate setting. That explains the doughnut bit, but what about the drinks? Well, as you may have guessed, the Doughnut Drinks Boat comes with a good supply of drinks that are made available at the center of the boat. 

Unlike a real doughnut, the Doughnut Drinks Boat isn’t hollow in the middle and instead has a table. With an intimate setting and ice cold drinks to pair the conversations with, your much awaited Amsterdam stag do is set to sail on calm waters!

With an ice breaker like that, you and all of your best mates can catch up and get to know each other better while you’re out at sea enjoying the breeze and the beers! Soon enough, you’ll all be ready to take on the night and do your stag activities until the morning light!

Take the time to slow down, enjoy nature, and catch up with each other on the Doughnut Drinks Boat before you’re forced to shout at each other in loud bars and clubs. That’s the best tip we can give anyone!


English Speaking Guide

2 hours exclusive Doughnut Drinks Boat rental


Soft Drinks


2 hours


£ 68 per person

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