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Harness Race Event

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If you and the lads are looking for a way to get your fill of adrenaline on the much awaited stag do in Berlin, then we’ve got just the thing to send your excitement levels through the roof! Book a Harness Race Event for your Berlin stag do and find out what it’s like to be right behind a horse running as fast as it can on the race track! Hold on to dear life as the horse rushes past everyone else and gives you the adrenaline rush you’ve been looking for!

The Harness Race Event is almost like racing on a horse except you won’t be on top of it. You’ll be in a much scarier place, harnessed to the horse, and clinging on to the harness behind it! It’s as if you were on a chariot from the ancient days of Rome but you’re not same brave and strong soldier. That’s fine! We don’t expect you and the lads to become Roman empire soldiers in one afternoon, let alone on a stag do in Berlin!

Signing up for a Harness Race Event is sure to make your heart pound faster than it ever has and you’re guaranteed to make memories you will never forget! The Harness Race Event is one of the most exciting stag activities anyone can sign up for on a Berlin stag weekend and it’s one of the best stag do ideas for a fun afternoon fueled by adrenaline. 

Don’t miss out on this opportunity!


Horse Racing event

Harness event with chariots


4 hours


£ 36 per person

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