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Horse Racing

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Why not book tickets for a Horse Racing event on your much awaited Berlin stag do? It’s definitely one of the most exciting stag do ideas that exist without making any of you jump off a cliff or go 100 miles per hour! Place your bets and have an unforgettable Horse Racing experience on your stag do in Berlin.

Attend a Horse Racing event and have an adrenaline rush from cheering on your bet and waiting to see if you’re going to win and make money on your stag do in Berlin! What’s there to lose anyway? To be quite real here, there is actually so much you can gain! 

Look forward to placing your bets on the best horses and jockeys and you might just make an extra buck to add to the stag do funds for the stag party at night! Test your judgment skills and see who the best is when it comes to predicting a winner! Now that’s a skill that will come in handy if you and the lads end up booking a casino night for the Berlin stag do as well!

The Horse Racing event is just one of the many stag activities you can do that will boost your excitement and get you hyped up for the rest of the Berlin stag weekend. There’s nothing quite like daytime stag activities that will give you a rush because that rush is best followed up with good drinks and delicious food and you know it!


Horse Racing event

Entry fee to the horse race course

Great Atmosphere


3 hours


£ 28 per person

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