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Premium Spa Pools & Sauna

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If there was only one tip we could share with our clients to help them plan the ultimate Berlin stag do experience, it would probably be that they need to pick stag activities out that will balance all their drinking and partying. That means that booking stag do ideas that are purely adrenaline pumping is not the way to go. Instead, making time for stag activities that can give you time to relax like spending time at Premium Spa Pools & Sauna, is in fact the key to a successful and memorable stag do in Berlin. 

The thing about spending your stag do in Berlin at Premium Spa Pools & Sauna is, it’s not exactly the kind of stag activities that people brag about. We think that more people should realize how important these toned down Berlin stag ideas are because of how helpful they are to everyone! 

Imagine waking up from a long night of partying and getting just a few hours of sleep, forcing yourselves to prepare for the new day of stag activities. Nursing a nasty hangover with little sleep is the worst thing anyone can suffer through on a Berlin stag weekend. But, with a day spent at Premium Spa Pools & Sauna where the water has healing properties, your bodies are better able to recover. 

Once you’ve let the rejuvenating wonders of the Premium Spa Pools & Sauna do its magic on your tired bodies, you’re ready for another night of partying, just like that!


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4 hours


£ 51 per person

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