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Shooting Small Caliber

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The most awaited weekend of any single man’s life is finally happening and you’ve been given the duty to plan it out. The Berlin stag do is really going to happen and you, of all people, have the privilege of picking out the stag activities and coming up with the insane stag do ideas! Your life has never been this exciting and we’re glad you chose to work with no less than the Berlin stag do professionals!

Let’s get your Berlin stag weekend booked with the best stag activities like the Shooting Small Caliber activity. Spend the day on the shooting range either learning about guns, if it’s your first time, or sharpening your shooting skills! There is no pressure about being the best at the Shooting Small Caliber stag do activity at all! And do you know why?

Because doing stag do ideas that involve shooting is a universally loved concept! So, it’s time to gather up your courage for the Berlin stag weekend and get yourselves a booking for the Shooting Small Caliber activity! With a booking for one of the classic Berlin stag ideas, you and the lads can have the ultimate stag do to brag about and look back on!

Each of you will be professionally instructed on site about how to use the guns properly and safely. You will all be given the right safety gear as well. So, what are you waiting for? Book your Shooting Small Caliber experience today!


English Speaking Instructor

Safety instruction and equipment

20 rounds

10 rounds small caliber self-loading rifle

10 shot small caliber pistol


3 hours


Everyone has to bring valid ID


£ 121 per person

Contacts details

Group information