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Trabant Tour

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On your Berlin stag weekend, it’s inevitable that you and the lads will be signing up for at least one city tour. Why settle for the regular city tour that sees you hopping onto a bus and listening to a tour guide instead of booking a fun and exciting alternative? Make your Berlin stag do all about trying out fun ways to do regular things and a great place to start is by booking a Trabant Tour!

The Trabant Tour is one of the fun stag do ideas that have converted the boring city bus tours into something fun and memorable for everyone. Instead of sitting in a bus and looking out of a window, drive your own vintage car and see the historical and modern must see locations up close! There is no reason why you and the lads should think twice about booking the Trabant Tour and that’s why you should get your reservations penciled in as early as today!

Sure, the Berlin stag weekend isn’t until a few more weeks. But, let us remind you that Berlin is one of the most popular stag do capitals of the world and soon enough, booking a Trabant Tour on your desired date could be a struggle!

But because you’re working with the Berlin stag do professionals, booking your Trabant Tour will be a breeze! All you have to do is let us know when you’re coming, how many there are of you, and we’ll get it all sorted out!


English Speaking Guide

75 minutes Trabant driven guided tour of Berlin



75 minutes


£ 73 per person

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