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Vehicle Vandalising / Car Smash (Not available)

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Your Berlin stag weekend is happening soon and it’s the best and the only time that you and the lads will get to see each other again after a long time. It has to be so epic that it will be worth giving up your freedom for! To make sure that your stag do in Berlin is a success, we suggest you book stag activities that will let you blow off some steam from your busy adult lives to get you in the mood to party for the entire weekend. The best way to do that is to physically release all that rage and go for a Vehicle Vandalising experience. 

What is Vehicle Vandalising? It’s not just taking cans of spray paint and drawing male body parts on the windshield. When we say Vehicle Vandalising, we mean that you and the lads will have access to an arsenal of destructive weapons to tear cars apart! Oh yeah. You read that right. We’re giving you old cars to beat up and destroy with weapons and tools to make your Berlin stag do even more exciting than it already is. 

Don’t hesitate for a moment when it comes to wrecking the cars at the Vehicle Vandalising experience. The car is all yours to demolish on your much awaited stag do in Berlin. Feel every single cell of stress leave your body only to be replaced by a rush of adrenaline!

Get your adrenaline fix on your Berlin stag do with Vehicle Vandalising!


English Speaking Host

Safety Equipment

1 car per 4 persons

Safety instructions

Weapons to Destroy the Car


1.5 hours


£ 75 per person

Contacts details

Group information